Has the Number of Organic Results Google Shows Dropped?

In the past, Google had always shown 10 organic search results, but according to a new study released by Searchmetrics this could all be changing. The release of Searchmetrics 2016 study on universal and extended search results are showing some surprising results when it comes to the Google user interface.

We all know Google’s user interface is constantly changing, but one thing that has always stayed consistent was the amount of organic results displayed. But this new study now reveals that “Google is less likely to show 10 organic blue links.” On average Google now shows only 8.5 of these blue links. This is due to recent advancements in the user interface including featured snippets, app packs, knowledge panels, images, videos and more.

And according to Searchmetrics results, the number of links isn’t the only thing that is changing from 2015 to 2016. Google is now showing rich results both on desktop and mobile and around everyone 1 out of 10 mobile queries now return mobile app packs. You are also twice as likely to see direct answers or featured snippets on desktop as you are on mobile.

With these changes to Google’s interface, now more than ever it is important to not only optimize your site for your traditional organic search results, you must also consider opportunities around a variety of extended search features.

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