Happy Birthday Google

Today Google celebrates its 15th birthday. At Boston Web Marketing we know that it’s not all about ‘the Google’; other search engines that are important, but today we can stop to appreciate this California based internet tycoon with reflecting a little history and some milestones in SEO technology.

Originally named ‘BackRub’, the search engine we all know and love was created by PHD students Lary Page and Sergey Brin as part of a research project. Introduced in 1997, the name we know today is a play on the mathematical term ‘googol’, the number one followed by one hundred zeros, a reflection on the founders’ desire to organize the incredulous amount of information on the web. Thankfully the name ‘Google’ stuck. Starting out as a single office in a garage, Google has since grown into the world’s most visited website, making its founders multi-billionaires.

They started off with just a search engine, but now can boast products, phones, apps, a browser, mail server, content sharing platform, tools for the web and the list goes on. We use Google every day for everything. When getting your business on the web, you want to make sure you’re coming up on top of the search results. Google not only has given us a platform to search from, but also tools on how to use optimize its utility. Boston Web Marketing and many other SEO Companies use these tools to improve search results and track website performance.

• In 2000 Google launched AdWords, a paid, self-service advertising program that allows you to pay to advertise your business on top of search results.

• Google Local, now combined with Maps to create Google Places, was started in 2004. Google Places allows you to create listings for local businesses that create quality links back to your site, increasing traffic to your site and improving the credibility of your site.

• In 2005 Google debuted Google Analytics. SEO companies use Analytics as a primary way to track websites and measure the impact of marketing campaigns.

• Launched in 2011, Google+ is Google’s response to a social media platform. Out of this developed Google Pages, allowing people to connect to your business. It also creates a quality links back to your website and increasing the quality and size of your presence on the web.

At Boston Web Marketing we use these tools and many others (Google and non-Google) to get your business found on the web at the top of lead search engines. Each piece plays an important role in getting your business to the top of search results online. Thanks for everything, Google – Happy Birthday!

By Katherine Kelly


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