How Do I Handle Negative Comments Or Feedback On Social Media?

A brand’s social media presence attracts various reactions, so negative feedback shouldn’t be surprising. How you respond, the time you take, the customer experience you provide, and the solutions you offer to criticism are crucial. Your prompt response not only shows your proactive approach but also shapes the impression you leave on potential customers and can prevent small issues from becoming complicated. Here are some tips on handling negative feedback on social media like a pro.

Types Of Negative Comments On Social Media

Complaints come from unhappy customers who express dissatisfaction with products or services. These complaints often can’t be acted on, like wishing a store stayed open all night. Criticism is more useful and often includes ideas for improvement, though not all of it is helpful. Trolling involves nasty comments for fun or personal reasons and is usually not valuable. Spam comments are irrelevant to the brand, often promoting other brands or linking to scams.

Dealing With Negative Comments

Trolls and negative influencers seek attention or cause trouble, not to help. To handle them, avoid arguments since they won’t engage positively. Try to find common ground and respond positively to show others your good intentions. Offer solutions to make them look unreasonable if they keep complaining. If harassment continues, block them, but use this option sparingly to avoid appearing censorious.

Watch Out For The Trolls

Connecting with your audience involves showing that you care about their thoughts and are committed to resolving their issues. However, you will encounter malicious individuals who post unfounded claims just to cause trouble. If, after investigating, you find these claims lack merit and aren’t taken seriously, avoid responding publicly. Stay confident and calm. Instead, discreetly ignore, delete, or hide the troll’s comment to prevent the situation from escalating.

Consider A Private Conversation

Discussions with unhappy users should be kept out of the public spotlight. Multiple messages can clutter your social platform feeds. Start by responding publicly to acknowledge their issue and then suggest moving the conversation to direct messaging for further discussion. If the user isn’t willing to continue privately, demonstrate your efforts to resolve their issue carefully in a public conversation. From your business, you can offer a percentage off of their next service or give them some sort of compensation. This will not only resolve their issue but also show your loyalty to your business and that you deeply care about your customers.

Get Social Media Management From Boston Web Marketing

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