Guidelines to a Perfect Blog

Creating the perfect blog can be frustrating but if you have trouble structuring your writing, or you are not sure where to start, do not panic. Just follow this simple guide and you’ll be a master blog writer in no time.

Thinking of the Main Idea: Your idea should be related to the audience you are trying to capture. Try to cover the blog on an important aspect such as a common problem within an industry or an analysis of a competitor. You should start by reading other blogs on your topic and ask yourself, “Can I improve upon this thought?”

Making Headlines: With your main point, be sure to follow SEO guidelines to develop a strong key phrase. Having a strong key phrase can boost traffic to your blog. Keep the character count under 60 characters long.

Introduction: The first few lines of a blog should introduce the problem or main idea of your writing. This can help capture the main audience you are trying to appease. The intro should also consist of the main point you are later going to address. Be sure to cover all questions about the topic.

Lay Out the Main Points: Listing out the main points of the blog can really help you. It helps you structure the main idea behind writing the blog and it also helps you to not repeat yourself or leave out valuable information.

Deep Research: Make sure you read multiple competitors’ information on the topic you are writing on. It can help you gain a full understanding of the main idea. Read as many sources as possible to help articulate your point.

Word Up: A blog should have about 1500 to 2500 word, if possible. In the blog, make sure you hit keywords or phrases to optimize it on search engines. If you cannot hit this number count, read more in-depth on your topic.

Bonus Information: You might want to apply relevant information like social media posts, pictures, videos, and references to help solidify your point in writing. 

Open Ended: Of course, you want to answer many questions but you should leave people on cliffhangers so they can interact and comment on it. Leave your comments unlocked for discussions.

Images: Look for a photo that embodies the main idea of your topic. Words can pull a reader in but images can help you stand out. Make sure your pixels are the perfect size to reflect your high-quality work.

Publishing: Do some research on the perfect time to publish your work to your audience. 

Now you have the secret recipe for the perfect blog. You should be able to cook up one of your own, and don’t be scared, just follow the steps.


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