Guide to Ranking in Google Maps

This day in age, there are so many options for marketing your business online. A vast majority of potential customers still use Google to find businesses local to them. Around 80% of searches with “local intent” result in a conversion. So, how do you grab the attention of local users?

Why is Marketing Important for Google Maps?

The reason that every business should care about ranking in Google Maps is for potential brand visibility. Nearly 70% of smartphone users say that they use Google Maps more than any other maps service. Out of the 3.5 billion Google searches that occur each day, more and more are considered to have local intent.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a significant factor in ranking on Google Maps and the local three-pack. According to Ratynski Digital, Google My Business is about 25% of being successful with ranking. Eight ranking factors contribute to Google Maps and the local three-pack: Google My Business signals, link signals, review signals, on-page signals, citation signals, behavioral signals, personalization, and social signals. Remember that the local algorithm works differently than Google’s organic search algorithm.

How to Optimize for Google Maps

To kick off your optimizations, double-check that all of your business information is filled out fully and correctly. This includes adding every service that you might offer as well as descriptions for those services.

Get More Reviews

Reviews continue to be one of the most important parts of ranking well in Google Maps. Along with being great for SEO, they also help to offer a better overall customer experience. They help build social proof and manage customer expectations of your business. They can sell your product or service before you yourself even gets in touch with the customer. With about 82% of consumers reading online reviews for local businesses, every business owner needs to understand the importance and power of reviews.

Build Local Links

Links still continue to be one of the top-ranking factors in Google’s algorithm, both in organic ranking and in Google Maps. Building up local links is especially important if you want to rank well in Google Maps. A great way to start building local links is to utilize your local relationships in and around the area of your business. Think about other companies that you work closely with, organizations that you support, or companies that might be a “shoulder niche.”

Fight Off GMB Spam in the Map

This optimization is more of a tactic than an optimization. This is a powerful tactic because unlike most GMB optimizations, the goal here is not to do something better than your competition, it’s to push out the competitors that are trying to cheat their way to higher rankings.

Tracking results and GMB analytics

Tracking your results is essential in every aspect of SEO and online marketing, and Google My Business is included with that. Most of your analytics will be found in your Google My Business account, so be sure to look at them and see where you need more optimization.

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