A Guide to Holiday Facebook Ads that Convert

Everyone knows how busy the holiday season can be. Customers are in the shopping mindset and you want to make sure they purchase from you. Strong Facebook ad campaigns at this time of the year will set your business apart and put your products and services in front of a highly engaged, ready-to-purchase audience. For businesses, it is a time of profit, but also high competition because everyone knows this is a time when customers are ready to spend. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use Facebook ads to effectively increase your conversions this holiday season. 

Create a different ad for each sale event

Each individual sale event would benefit from having their own sets of ads. Switch up the ad copy to be as specific to the event as possible, even if you plan on using the same images and offers – this tactic will definitely help you increase conversion rates. It increases the sense of urgency, and when users are making up lists of what they want to blow their budget on, you want to be on that list.

Provoke a sense of urgency

Gift giving season comes along with the stress and pressure surrounding it. Still,  by creating a sense of urgency, businesses can use this to their advantage. Reiterate that you only have a limited number of deals to hand out with an ad text like “This deal is so good, we can only offer it to the first 100 customers who convert.” Incorporate points like “Order today for two day shipping”, as urgency always sells, and it can be especially effective around the holidays.


Retargeting lets you grasp the clients who are already interested in your offers, and that’s a particularly big advantage when it comes to holiday shopping season. There are different strategies to increase sales, one of them is to utilize segmented lists based on purchase history. Show customers the products and services you know that they’re most likely to be interested in.

Monitor active ads, conversions and traffic to your site

The holiday season is the time to sell, and brand awareness or social engagement campaigns should take a back seat to actually getting sales and traffic to your store — whether it’s online or a physical location. All of your ads should contain links. Most importantly, choose the right ad objectives. Facebook’s algorithms take your objectives into heavy consideration when distributing your ads, and they’ll show the ads to the people they believe most likely to fulfill your stated objective.

Remember, the time to get results is limited, so pause any campaigns that aren’t performing well in an ad set, and allocate that budget to a campaign that’s working. Additionally, make sure you keep a tab on engagement your ads are getting. Potential customers may ask a question on your ad, and move on if they don’t get an answer. Address as many comments as you can to increase the likelihood of conversions, and to show your page’s visitors that you’re involved and attentive to their needs.

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