Growing Your Views: Targeted SEO

SEO is the vital methodology of structuring, adding content, and essentially catering to Google’s algorithm to ensure that your page ranks well, and as a result, increasing the number of people clicking on it. And while on occasion results vary, it overall has been proven to work. Ensure your website gets the traffic it needs with our top tips for optimizing your site through targeted SEO.

Identify Organic Traffic Opportunities

Many newcomers to SEO often miss this first step, but it’s important, as you will find what strategies will work for your site, and what strategies don’t. Start by looking at the competitors to learn what’s working for them. You should be looking for:

  • Organic Traffic per Month
  • Content Type or Format
  • Volume and Types of Backlinks
  • Percentage Share of Organized Traffic Across Domain
  • Keywords that Rank and Associated Searchers Intent

In understanding how your competitors have managed to be successful, we better understand our client’s search audience and content marketing strategies, learning through where gaps and opportunities existed for them.

Optimize an Existing Page, or Create a New One

With your competitive analysis complete, and armed with a starting knowledge as to the opportunities your site can go in, you now can apply this knowledge towards your existing or future content. The major driver of this is, of course, keywords. Ensuring that your content includes and is related to these keywords helps indicate that it is relevant to the search queries you want.

Now whether you are creating or editing a page, it is important to stick to a few key guidelines in formatting your content, to ensure that your page is optimized for crawling. This includes:

  • Adding the keywords to your H2’s and H3’s
  • Expanding information on the term’s topic for relevancy
  • Increase linkability by creating organizational changes
  • Adding different kinds of content(visual, video, audio, etc.)
  • Having lots of external and internal links
  • Include different variations of a keyword

Implementing these strategies into your arsenal ensures that your site caters to all the criteria that Google looks for, and will vastly increase the performance of your search results. If possible, it is best to do this right from the beginning, and build an SEO-friendly website from the ground up.

Focus on Backlinks

While page content and an SEO-friendly page structure are vital for optimizing individual pages, backlinking is the key to ensuring your site ranks well as a whole. It also helps Google index your information quicker, since its crawl bots use links to jump from webpage to webpage. Therefore, it is important to link as frequently and as often as you can, to ensure that Google sees your website as an interconnected source of information.

Some opportunities for backlinking include:

  • Linking to a relevant service/topic
  • Linking to a mentioned section of the website
  • Encouraging call to action by linking to a contact form/clickable number
  • Blog posts that mention relevant aspects of your service

These are just some of the many opportunities to use backlinking to benefit you. It helps to focus your backlinks on someone more relevant to your service, so as to indicate to Google that your site is a relevant source of information for the targeted search query.

Continue to repeat and scale the process as necessary. Keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process, as you continue to remain competitive against rival websites to ensure that you remain on top when it comes to Boston. If you are interested in having some professional assistance in scaling this process, Boston Web Marketing has been specializing in helping businesses stay competitive in the SEO race for over 10 years. Contact us at 857-526-0096, or submit an online inquiry form.

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