Got Snapchat?

Snapchat is the most popular social media platform out on the market right now. With 100 million active daily users and 81% of Snapchat’s users between the ages of 13-37, there are endless opportunities to reach an audience. The social media giant is now offering businesses the ability to purchase their own custom filters. Filters are popular among users when they create a Snapchat story, as they are overlays of the photo or video in the snap. This gives creative control for the user and it has become increasingly popular in recent months.

With this service, businesses can customize filters to their liking and can be available to their target market. This a great way to promote events for businesses in addition to showing off new products. Not only does this serve a promotional purpose, it also gives businesses another way engage with their target audience. Depending on how much companies are willing to pay, these custom filters can be used for one specific location or a range, but the longer the range, the more money you spend.



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