Google’s Year in Search: What’s Everyone Talking About?

At the end of each year, Google releases its annual “Year in Search” – a list of the most talked-about stories and topics, based on its search data. Much of the list is populated by major news stories, celebrity gossip and scandals, and breakthroughs in the legal, political, scientific and technology worlds. Even the most casual follower of current events is able to guess some of the topics and stories that rank at the top of the list. In today’s always-connected world, it is very hard for one to not know at least some of what’s going on and being talked about in the world around them.

PR professionals should take a good look at Google’s list and ask themselves: How many, if any, of the topics did they join the conversation about online? While the list ranges from serious stories such as the Terrorist Attacks in Paris, to lighter topics such as “The Dress” phenomenon, there are likely at least a few topics that resonated with your followers and brand loyalists. The list serves as a reminder that there are countless opportunities for PR professionals to grow their presence online. High-profile news stories and viral Internet phenomenon are great opportunities to join the conversation and increase visibility for your brand. PR professionals should remember to be mindful, however, of sensitive and controversial topics.

For more frequent updates on what everyone is searching for/talking about online, check out Twitter’s Trending Topics section and check out Google Trends for the latest buzz.

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