Google’s Virtual Assistant Expected to Bring More Personalized Results

Google Now is the virtual assistant that is used on Android phones and the Google Search app. Recently, Android Police discovered a new feature that will have Google Now asking users what their interests are to help deliver more desirable and personal content.

The experimental feature, called Explore Interests, shows six categories from which a user can identify their interests. The categories are: Sports, TV, Movies, Musicians, People, and Stocks. Users are able to further specify their interests within the categories by picking their favorite sports teams, favorite movies, favorite musicians, etc.

Once a specific interest is selected, Google is able to deliver new information to the user in the form of a Google Now card. In theory, a user will be able to have all their news and any new information about their interests delivered directly to them without having to search for it.

Google’s voice assistant is also being refined along with the Explore Interests feature. Voice searches now make up about 20% of mobile searches, so it is becoming more and more important to optimize for them. Testing the two features together is an excellent opportunity for Google to improve its machine learning capabilities. This includes learning what a user likes and does not like.

The Android Police notes that because this update is an experimental feature, it is expected to roll out slowly. Users will most likely have to wait until Google is finished refining the design elements before the feature is starts to roll out to more Android devices.

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