Google’s Top Searches for 2017

Each year, Google announces the most popular searches of the year. With millions of people using the search engine daily, you can imagine how many total searches there were in the entirety of the year. To give the public a good idea about what  most people wanted to know more about, they’ve created several lists for users to sift through. Find some of the top searches organized by category and location below.

Top Overall Searches (United States)

  1. Hurricane Irma
  2. Matt Lauer
  3. Tom Petty
  4. Super Bowl
  5. Las Vegas Shooting
  6. Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight
  7. Solar Eclipse
  8. Hurricane Harvey
  9. Aaron Hernandez
  10. Fidget Spinner


Top News Searches (United States)

  1. Hurricane Irma
  2. Las Vegas Shooting
  3. Solar Eclipse
  4. Hurricane Harvey
  5. Bitcoin Price
  6. North Korea
  7. Hurricane Jose
  8. Hurricane Maria
  9. April the Giraffe
  10. DACA


Top Tech Searches (United States)

  1. iPhone 8
  2. iPhone X
  3. Nintendo Switch
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8
  5. Razer Phone
  6. iPhone 8 Plus
  7. Super NES Classic
  8. Google Pixel 2
  9. Apple Watch 3
  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Top Overall Searches (Global)

  1. Hurricane Irma
  2. iPhone 8
  3. iPhone X
  4. Matt Lauer
  5. Meghan Markle
  6. 13 Reasons Why
  7. Tom Petty
  8. Fidget Spinner
  9. Chester Bennington
  10. India National Cricket Team

Google offers an entire website dedicated to the top searches in several categories and countries around the world. Not only does this information entertain the everyday person, but it also helps digital marketers, especially those working internationally, to get to know their markets better and seek more opportunistic paid advertising options. Explore the Google Trends website to learn more about what people around the world are using the popular search engine for!

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