Google’s Search Updates for May 2012

As expected, Google has released their monthly blog of improvements to their search. This month’s search quality highlights describes 39 changes for the month of May. After reading through the list here are the ones that are most important to SEO.

Better application of inorganic backlinks signals – This update ensures that Google is using there algorithms to detect link schemes appropriately in their ranking signals

Improvements to Penguin – This improvement is some minor tweaks and a data refresh to Google’s penguin update that was launched in late April

Trigger alt title when HTML title is truncated – When you have a page title that is so long that it gets cut off (more than 60 characters) this improvement helps to more accurately create an alternative title that is more concise.

Efficiency improvements in alternative title generation – This update makes title generation a more efficient process which in turn allows for a more focused set of set of titles in search results.

Smoother raking functions for freshness – Google has implemented more continuous functions to for identifying fresh content. This may mean that fresh content will be indexed even faster.

Better detection of searches looking for fresh content – Here Google has introduced a new classifier to help detect when someone is searching for fresh content


By Jeffrey Pucko


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