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Google’s Safe Browsing Cracking Down On “Repeat Offenders”

Google recently announced that there will be a new security measure regarding Google Safe Browsing “repeat offenders”. In this announcement the search engine giant stated that repeat offenders will be hit with 30 day time out.  This new measure is for “websites that repeatedly switch between compliant and policy-violating behavior”. Websites perform this action so they can have successful reviews while removing any warnings of their site.

Webmasters will be notified if they have this 30 day time out within Search Engine Console. They will get a message in the platform as well as an email notifying of the punishment. The difference with this manual action with others is that webmasters have to wait 30 days before sending a reconsideration request. Google hopes that this 30 day wait period will discourage websites from carrying out this offense repetitively.

Google’s Safe Browsing is used to help with protecting users by showing warning on websites that may have viruses or malicious download files. If a website goes back and forth from being a safe or dangerous website, Google will tag them as “Repeat Offenders”. Which webmasters will then have to go through the process mentioned earlier. To make sure this does not happen to your website, check regularly for any security issues which can be found withing Google’s Search Engine Console.


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