Google+’s place in the social media hierarchy

As you know a social media presence is an essential part of a successful business in today’s day and age.  At Boston Web Marketing we let our clients know that interaction with your customers is one of the best ways to help you see what is and isn’t working with your business.  So we encourage them to have business pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., but the newest social network from Google has been hailed as a way to help raise those interactions and most importantly search rankings.

Even though Google claims that its social network (Google+) is growing as fast as they suggest and as engaging, a recent report by RJ Metrics suggests otherwise.  40,000 Google+ users were polled, and about 30% of users who make a public posts once, do not repost after that EVER. The report shows a different picture of Google+ engagement since the social network focuses on a user’s public posts. But, based on the data, the platform’s user engagement still falls behind its competitors Twitter and Facebook. Below are some interesting stats found in the report:

The average Google+ post has less than one +1, reshare and reply

15% of users don’t post publicly again after posting publicly 5 times.

The average time between posts is 12 days for regular users.

The average number of public posts for active users drops steadily from month to month.

As you can see, even though Google+ is helpful to raise a web presence and picking up loose customers. It lags behind Facebook and Twitter when it comes to user engagement. So as an approach I would suggest for my clients is to invest more time in the social networks by this order: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

–          George Freeman


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