Google’s “Pigeon” Update & What It Means For You

Recently, Google rolled out an update to its search algorithm. Although it is still very recent and will take time to decipher all of its effects on search rankings and the like, there have been a few immediately noticeable changes.

Think local

This new update comes with some changes in local search results and map listing functionality. If you have been diligent in using best SEO practices, synchronizing information on listing sites, and verifying Google places / Google + page, you might notice a jump up in your rankings. This updates hones in on delivering better local search results, and the mirroring maps functionality has been given a new priority.

Appease the opposition

One thing that seems overwhelmingly obvious is that this new update has, at least in part, come in response to the accusations and controversy surrounding Google’s artificial Yelp rankings.

To summarize, people had been noticing that a Google search for a business followed by the word “Yelp” – in an effort to find a business’s Yelp page – the Google’s local listing was trumping the Yelp listing. This was swiftly followed by businesses and SEO’s complaining that Google had been tampering with their search algorithm and giving an unfair advantage to Google’s own listings, even when users searched for a Yelp specific page.

Via this update, interestingly this problem seems to have gone away. It’s hard not to think that Google was doing a bit of @$$ covering and wrapping it up in a few other nice changes to their algorithm. Whatever the case, however, this update does seem to benefit those who have stuck on diligently to SEO beast practices and prioritized quality listings. Much is still not known about this update, so check back to find out more as we try to crack the code!

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