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As shown below by Hitwise Inc.’s graph, which tracks the percentages of total online traffic directed at the most popular search engines in September, 2011, Google is predominantly the search engine of choice, consisting of 65.3% of all searches performed. The implication for SEO specialists is that an understanding of how Google decides rankings is critical for good keyword ranking, since over 65% of potential customers will be using Google to find products & services. Central to Google’s ranking approach is the Google PageRank Algorithm.

Some basic attributes of Google’s PageRank: hierarchical, (at the moment) Social Media focused – keep in mind that Google periodically re-orients its algorithm to reassign weight to various SEO factors – and image & video oriented. The hierarchical nature of Google page rank – the idea that some content is more important than other content brings up the question of how to unlock the formula for creating content that Google considers more important, and will for that reason rank more highly.

The implication for businesses is: create content using photos, videos, and social media. Back links also form a significant piece of Google’s ranking assessment – the higher the number of quality backlinks leading to a website, the better the SEO impact for that website. The graph above, “Components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm” covers some additional factors that play key roles in ranking. Taking each of these factors into consideration, as well as the ones discussed in this post, will keep you on the road to excellent keyword ranking.

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