Google’s New Rule for Mobile Sites

Google announced this week that those with giant ads on their mobile pages shown to mobile visitors may lead to lower rankings. App interstitial ads that are big enough to cover a significant amount of content on their mobile webpages will not be considered mobile-friendly and will not rank as well as mobile friendly web pages. Google stated that this rule will be in effect on November 1st  this year, mobile web pages that display an app install interstitial that conceals a great deal of content on the transition from the search results page will no longer be deemed as mobile friendly.

Fortunately, this rule will not affect any other interstitials and other alternatives to using app install interstitials is to have browsers provide other ways to promote an app that is more user-friendly. Some apps that are still considered mobile friendly with Google are Smart Banners that’s Apple supported and Install Banners that’s supported by Google Chrome. Other ads not for apps will not be penalized and will still be considered mobile friendly. You can test your mobile pages that have app install interstitial to see if they pass the mobile friendly test here. This will let you know if you have any problems with rankings and app interstitials. Call Boston Web Marketing at 857-526-096 to prevent your rankings from declining and assist you in setting up a mobile friendly website today!

The  image below of an app interstitial that Google will consider NOT a mobile friendly web page:

google mobile friendly

Below is what your web pages should look with an app interstitial that Google deems mobile friendly:

mobile friendly web page

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