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Google’s version of Facebook (Google+) redesigned its layout on Wednesday. The goal is to make it more visually appealing and easier to maneuver around.

Some of the new arrangement basics include a layout similar to Facebook’s Timeline. Some examples are a cover photo that lies across the top of the profile, a larger photo and video displays. Other changes include a customizable navigation panel that now goes along the left side of all pages.

Besides sprucing up its look and enhancing the navigation features, Google aimed to highlight some of its social network’s features that already exist. There is now a new page for “Hangouts”, also it shows Hangout invites from people in your circles and makes it easier to navigate upcoming hangouts/events. Now with the new Explore page, Google+ users can see the messages or content that is trending across the social network at that moment.

The new redesign was to make it a simpler version of Facebook that uses its space on the interface better in my opinion.


-George Freeman

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