Google’s New Feature: Call Automation with CallJoy

Google recently announced the introduction of a product that offers small businesses call automation capabilities for a flat, monthly rate. For $39 a month, your small business can utilize the virtual assistant, CallJoy, to screen calls and offer those calling basic info. As a partner of Google and being ingrained with multiple small businesses across Boston and New England, we wanted to write a blog regarding the new product Google is offering and some initial industry response to the virtual assistant, CallJoy.

CallJoy’s Capabilities

Some reports state that small business owners miss anywhere between 30-50% of incoming calls due to being too busy running other aspects of their business. Simply put, CallJoy will be an automated agent for small business. As a prospective customer calls your business, CallJoy answers and greets the caller with a custom message that you as a business owner can set. Once the caller is greeted, CallJoy will be able to provide information such as the businesses hours. In addition to providing information, CallJoy will be able to set up appointments/ reservations by sending callers a URL via SMS text.

In addition to these features, CallJoy will also be able to filter out spam calls which seem to be a problem for everyone, including small business owners.

Data-Driven Reporting

CallJoy’s primary functions are enough to peak the interest of business owners despite it’s cost. Like any other Google product though, CallJoy will have an in-depth reporting tool which will allow you to better serve your customers. This data will include peak activity times and how many of those who have called are repeat customers. CallJoy also will record these calls and allow businesses to search the transcripts. This can uncover numerous trends within your business while saving time trying to uncover them.

Boston Web Marketing’s Thoughts

CallJoy is currently only available by an invite from Google itself. They tend to roll out new products like these in small batches to better understand how they work in reality as opposed to theory. Due to the number of business we partner with that could benefit from a product such as this, we will be closely monitoring industry response and Google announcements pertaining to its functionality. If you think your business could benefit today, there is a way to put your business on a waitlist, but we recommend to wait and in case changes or updates occur.

If you think this feature could benefit your business and would like more information, give Boston Web Marketing a call today. As mentioned above, we monitor Google product launches in addition to being a partner with Google which allows us a direct line to their main offices to ask questions.


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