Google’s New Dictionary Search Feature

As part of its long-term mission to revolutionize search as we know it, Google announced that they have unveiled new features to its dictionary search.

The dictionary upgrade allows users to type “define” into the Google search bar, followed by a word, to receive a display of information that shows up alongside the definition. You’ll also see information such as sample sentences, more sophisticated synonyms, origins and direct translations.

Currently the new dictionary search is only available in the US, but if you go to you can check it out from anywhere else in the world too.

An example below of a search for “define irony” gives you multiple definitions and example sentences, synonyms, the origin along with a date, the option to translate the word, and a timeline of the words usage over time. This is part of Google’s gradual overhaul of its search to give deeper insight and greater detail when returning information.


By James Maston

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