Google’s Mobile Page Speed Update

Google very recently announced an algorithm update that will affect mobile search rankings. The so-called “Speed Update” is designed for mobile search queries and will impact rank faster loading mobile pages higher. The update is set to launch in July of this year, leaving webmasters time to update their mobile page performance. There are many online tools available to measure mobile page speed and loading time.

Hasn’t Site Speed Always Been a Ranking Factor?

Back in 2010, Google stated that site speed would become a ranking factor, but the algorithm update pertained mainly to desktop searches. While the recent update involves mobile queries. Site speed as a ranking factor is not new and the speed and loading time of your site should always be considered. Although site speed was deemed a ranking factor, experts at Google explained not to overestimate the ranking power of the new update and warned not to improve speed at the expense of relevant content. Google reiterated this statement with the recent mobile speed update as well, and even mentioned that a slower page with relevant content will still rank very well.

Optimize Mobile Speed

When the initial speed ranking factor came out in 2010, it was only a matter of time until a similar update for mobile browsers was implemented. Google has been hinting at it for a long time, and in July 2018, it will finally be here. The update makes sense, with the number of mobile searches growing perpetually over the years. If you run your site through a mobile speed testing tool and see room for improvement regarding site speed and loading time, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure an increase in those areas including using compression software to reduce image and file sizes, enable caching, updating your hosting package, and much more. Depending on your site, there may be different steps to take towards increasing speed.
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