Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithim to be run in Real-Time and on Page by Page Basis

Since Google’s announcement that a new mobile ranking algorithm would go into effect on April 21, we have learned some additional important information.Google’s Mobile Friendly ranking factor will be run in real-time and also on a page by page basis. Google’s Gary Illyes has answered some of our questions surrounding the new mobile friendly ranking factor.

For many of Google’s ranking penalizations, websites don’t see an immediate rebound. Many “black hat” SEO tactics that website users take actually result in an extended penalty even after the proper changes have been made. The Real- Time search algorithm states that as soon as a website is made mobile friendly, Google will instantly reward the site. By instantly, we mean that once Google crawls the page again, it will be able to impact mobile search results. This is a positive sign if you are unable to get a mobile friendly site up and live before the April 21st deadline.

It was also confirmed that the algorithm with be run on a page by page basis. So if only half of your pages are mobile friendly, then only your mobile friendly pages will benefit. Initially Google was unable to confirm if this algorithm would be site-wide or page-wide. Of course it is very important to have a complete mobile friendly site but webmasters will be happy to know that your home page won’t be negatively affected by other non mobile friendly subpages.

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