Google’s Index Status Within Search Console Is Broken

Gary Illyes from Google has confirmed that the index status report within Google Search Console is reportedly broken.

People have been noticing recently that while they have been adding pages to their site, Google was not showing an increase within its index status report. If you enter your Google Search Console right now and compare the index status versus the sitemap index report, you may see conflicting numbers.

It turns out that of these two, the index status report is the one which is currently showing incorrect data.

Google hasn’t provided an estimated time to when the report will be fixed, but for now be sure to check the “sitemap index report” to find how many pages google has indexed of yours.

I pulled an example below showing the difference between these two numbers.. The first one showing the incorrect “index status” and the other one showing the correct “sitemap index report“.

Search Console   Index StatusSitemap Index

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