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New Details Google’s Fred Update!

Last week we wrote about an unconfirmed algorithm update named Fred.  After some research, there have been conclusions to what websites were effected. Numerous reports stated that the Fred update targeted low-value that put revenue above helping users. During this update research, there was a trend in the websites that saw dramatic changes in their traffic.

These websites, often in a blog format, but not always, have content on various topics — which are written for ranking purposes and then has ads or affiliate links throughout the article and the website all together. Many of these sites are not industry expert sites, but rather have content on a variety of topics that do not add value to what industry experts have already written about.

In addition, the content on these websites seem to have content that were placed around ads so it was hard to tell the difference between the ad and the content on that webpage. Another case where the websites saw a decrease from the “Fred” update was that they had little to no ads on their website but had different avenues to generate revenue.

When this update went live, these websites noticed a 50 to 90 percent decrease in traffic from organic searches in Google. With this statistic it is safe to say that “Fred” targeted these low-value content websites as they do no help users/readers.

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