Google’s Final Update to Penguin 4.0

After nearly two years, Google has finally updated their Penguin algorithm. This is the fourth update to Penguin, and probably the last, since Penguin will function in real time now within Google’s core search algorithm.

Going Real Time
Penguin was created to catch spammy websites from search results that could have slipped through Google’s spam filters, and issue them a hit so that they would not show up in the SERP.

Since 2012 the Penguin algorithm has been run every once in a while, usually taking months between each scan. Websites that took a hit and then improved, would still be deemed spammy until the next time the algorithm was run.

The last time the Penguin algorithm was updated, was back in 2014. Websites that took a hit during that update have had to wait nearly two years to be acquitted of those charges.

Luckily with this new and final update, the Penguin Algorithm is refreshed every time Google re-crawls and re-indexes a web page. Changes will be made much faster, so businesses do not have to wait months, or even years, to be set free from Penguin hits.

Since the updated Penguin algorithm is a constant process, Google will no longer confirm future updates. The new Penguin update will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

Now More Page Specific
Also new to with the update, the Penguin algorithm now adjusts individual page rankings, instead of the entire website ranking, based on spam signals. The algorithm focuses more on penalizing the specific spammy page or section of a website, while leaving the other pages intact.

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