Google’s Dynamic Search Ads Are Becoming More Relevant

Google announced last month through Google+ that they are going to start improving the Dynamic Search Ads feature in AdWords to allow for more relevant results. Dynamic Search Ads allow advertisers to create ads for products that are presented to users that share an interest in the product you are advertising for. However, the current Dynamic Search Ads have yet to deliver the consistent and accurate results. Below is the announcement that Google made late last month.

“ Over the next Several months, we’re rolling out improvements to DSA campaigns to ensure your ads show for more relevant searches and result in better performance. For example, ads that point to a landing page about iced coffee makers will be less likely to show for less relevant searches like “iced coffee.”

As we wait to see the improvements to the ad results, Google has mention that advertisers should expect fluctuation in their ad’s performance. Google recommends that advertisers monitor their Dynamic searches carefully over the next couple of months to ensure that your campaigns continue to perform at the level desired. It is also recommended that advertisers utilize the “search term reports” tool in AdWords to help with monitoring your current keywords for your campaigns. Some of the more important factors to look for in your campaigns are the conversion rate and the click-through rate to evaluate the performance of your campaign during the changes over the next couple of months.

Hiring an AdWords specialist to manage your AdWords campaign can be very advantageous during these improvements. Monitoring your campaign is a daily task, and if you do not give your AdWords campaign enough time, you can see ads under-perform and a reduced return on your investment.

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