Could Google’s Latest Digital Retailer Acquisition Boost E-Commerce SEO?

Google has entered 2020 with another digital acquisition that could help small businesses improve their online visibility and generate e-commerce transactions with greater efficiency, per the search engine giant’s latest news update.

According to the Keyword blog, Google has agreed to acquire Pointy, an eCommerce that allows retailers to quickly publish their inventories online. The move comes during a period of vendor acquisitions to help improve customer engagement, conversions, and digital interactivity between search engine users and small businesses. Peter Chane, the Senior Director of Local SMB Products, explained that Pointy’s interface and capabilities are scale-able so that even the smallest business can promote their inventories through Google My Business.

With Pointy, merchants simply plug a small box into their barcode scanner or install the Pointy app on their point of sale system, which surfaces the products that they sell directly into the “See what’s in store” section of their business profile on Google Search, Chane explained. Since we introduced this functionality a few years ago, Pointy has been one of our key partners, helping thousands of local merchants display this data within Google. We’re looking forward to working with Pointy to help even more local retailers bring their product inventory online.

By displaying inventory data, small businesses that take the time to promote their services and products on Google My Business could produce better results from local searchers. Google My Business continues to be an increasingly important listing since Google is promoting its use, new features, and other SEO benefits for consistent users. More studies and reports have shown that frequent photos, updated posts, calls-to-action, and promotions help drive significant organic traffic to a site.

The initial benefits of the Pointly suite include providing another digital listing for a business’s specific product inventories. However, based on Google’s notes, Pointly may provide an easier conversion path for interested users and provide more conversion opportunities in general.

Pointly’s founders have worked with Google over a span of years to help promote the product and get it ready for acquisition. The features available for Google My Businesses users may arrive in just a week and Pointly founders believe the partnership can help small businesses get their product inventories in front of relevant customers at a grander scale than before:

Over the past several years we’ve developed a very close partnership with Google, said founders Mark and Charles. It became clear that we shared the same vision of how technology can improve local retail businesses. So today is a natural next step in our journey. By joining forces, we will be able to help people discover local stores and products on a much larger scale. We think this is the right way to accomplish what we set out to do – to bring the world’s retailers online and give them the tools they need to thrive.

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