Google’s 5 Best Developer Tools for SEO

Search engine optimization consists of many elements, interrelated in a complexed way. Often, SEO specialists need to run extensive diagnostics to determine why a website is not performing as well as we wish it could. Thankfully, Google offers these developers’ tools, available absolutely free so we can easily detect issues on our websites and fix them immediately. 

Chrome Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a useful developers’ extension for Chrome, designed to “review” websites you visit. It helps assess 10 SEO criteria that matter to Google’s algorithms and provides a detailed evaluation of meta tags and descriptions, crawling and indexing status, and more. These insights will let you compare your website’s performance as opposed to your competitors based on the most prevalent and important to Google metrics.

Test My Site

This Google’s own tool tests your mobile site speed. Not only does it include the average loading time on a 3G mobile network, it also provides you with an estimate of how many visitors you may lose due to slow loading speed. Test My Site is a great resource for letting you detect weak spots on the website. You have an option to email a full report to yourself or your client, with the suggestions on how to speed up your website page by page.

Page Speed Insights

Similarly to Test My Site, Page Speed rates the website’s loading performance and suggests ways to speed it up. Page Speed focuses on fixing slow scripts and style sheets, images that are too big, and other elements that slow down your website’s loading speed. Page Speed Insights offer plenty of useful technical solutions, linking to detailed explanations of each issue in a Google Developer’s blog.    

Safe Browsing Test

As the name suggests, this tool can test whether there’s any malware on your website. Safe Browsing Test can provide the information on when the site was last crawled or indexed.  

Google Trends

This tool assesses the popularity of keywords across the web and filters the information based on time and geography. Google Trends can help to better understand how certain keywords retain or lose popularity and keep a tab open on customers’ interest in particular products. Additionally, Google Trends can give you a valuable insight when it comes to competitive analysis since it shows when people searched for the keywords combined with their brand names.

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