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Google’s Most Important Algorithms for SEO

In order to optimize your website to the best of your ability, consider Google’s most crucial Algorithms that decide how your web page will rank among competitors. To get a lead over your competition, make sure the content on your website adheres to the following algorithms.

Panda- The Panda algorithm is all about content. It assesses your website, checking for low-quality, thin content, significant duplicate content that may be found elsewhere on your website or somewhere else on the internet, keyword stuffing, and plagiarism. The best way to adhere to this algorithm is to write unique, rich content relevant to your page.

Penguin- Penguin checks the links on your web pages, analyzing each to decide what is legitimate and authoritative and what is not. This algorithm rewards web pages containing external links to authoritative websites and penalizes weak and spam links. Including internal links to other pages within your site will improve your SEO performance. It also looks at the websites that are linking to your website so be sure the websites that are linking to you are helping, not hurting your SEO performance.

Hummingbird- This query-based algorithm is becoming more important as voice recognition software and devices are developing. Hummingbird considers the user’s intention rather than the keywords they are using, for example when the user searches for a question in a complete sentence, rather than just a few words.

Pigeon- The localization algorithm helps users get the results they want in their area. Knowing your location helps Pigeon show you what is most relevant to your search based on what you are searching and where it will be most useful to you.

Mobile- Mobile search is at an all-time high, surpassing desktop searches to become the most common way to make an internet search. Ensuring your site is mobile-friendly to each screen users are visiting on will both help your SEO performance and give you more users, as most will exit your site immediately if it is not easy to read and navigate.

RankBrain- A machine-learning system, Google’s RankBrain gets smarter with time, getting to know the user and provide results the user will find most useful. Because Google is secretive about how exactly their algorithms work, we cannot be sure of the specifics of RankBrain but it is crucial to consider as a vital part of your SEO performance.

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