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How Google’s Algorithm Update Can Impact Local SEO

The latest information about Google’s algorithm updates and how local SEO uses a different ranking algorithm that considers multiple factors to produce the most relevant results can all be found here. You will also learn about the recent updates to Google’s search algorithm and how to use local search to your advantage to improve your search ranking. To discover more, continue reading below.


Google Algorithm & Search Appearance Updates

Google loves change, which is the only constant in life. Check out these recent Google updates that have affected local businesses.

  • New map & local interface in search
  • Listing updates directly within the search
  • New Google Business Profile attributes
  • Google News Showcase

Google strives to provide consumers searching online with accurate, consistent information.


How to Prepare Your Local SEO For This Update

The best way to prepare local SEO to coincide with Google’s algorithm update is to conduct a local SEO audit. During this audit, be sure to look for:

1. Accurate Data

Update and correct your phone number, address, and pinpoint on the map. This is the first feature that establishes trust between you and potential clients.

2. Optimize All Local Landing Pages

Create service area pages that pertain specifically to where your business serves its customers and the location where their needs are met.

3. Update Citations to be Relevant

Include citations from:

  • Search engines
  • Industry directories
  • Navigation engines
  • Localized directories
  • And more

4. Established Reputation

Reviews and testimonials are essential to customers. Ask recent clients to leave a review on Google, add photos, or rate your business five stars.


Create or Update Your Google Business Profile

If you create a Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business), you can:

  • Make product and service descriptions more customer-centric by incorporating review language.
  • Make sure your best customers ask the questions & answers that appear in the search results.
  • Upload videos and pictures related to your company.


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