Google’s Advice for Your Expanded Text Ads

With your expanded texts now fully integrated into AdWords, you may need to pay attention to a few certain pieces of the puzzle. The first thing you need to understand is that there is no penalty for not expanding the ads. With that being said though, your ads could use updating. You have probably been running the same ads for years, maybe months, and your ad copy could be changed!

First – your expanded ads compete with your regular ads the same way. There is a fair competition between each ad format. When creating new ads, don’t jump off the deep end. Don’t stray too far from your search queries and what you have learned in the beginning of your campaign. Use your successful calls to action, landing pages and some of your existing ad text. If you see the expanded ads performing worse than your shorter ads, the reason could be you went too deep into the rewrites.

How can you tell if the ads aren’t performing up to par? Your CTR and ad position should give you some insight to this. Be careful of deleting your old shorter ads, because you may lose out on impressions when you do this. Keep the shorter ads around while you are optimizing the new ads for clicks and conversions. Watch your ad rotations. If you see the new ads performing better, don’t leave them in rotation with the old ads.

Test your headlines above all. Your headline text is the first thing a user sees and clicks on.

In addition to your headline text, don’t forget about mobile users! Mobile is leading the search results and the future only looks brighter. Make sure that your mobile URLs are bringing users to the mobile pages on your site. You can also customize your ads with “business data” for calls to action and mobile bids that are only seen on mobile devices. However, don’t worry, your ads are already optimized for all platforms, mobile, tablet and desktop.

In some cases, your headline can be cut off and replaced with … – this is extremely rare and only happens when the size of the browser is smaller. This occurrence is also so rare that it won’t affect your ad’s performance.

Lastly, if you don’t want your ads to be expanded, you can still write your ads in the new format with the length of the old format. You do have some time to make these decisions, before Google phases out the old ads in January of 2017.





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