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With the explosion of Social Media on the internet over the past 7 years, it seems that now-a-days every tech giant is reaching for a piece of the pie. With the success of Social Media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, Google decided it was finally time to compete with the ever growing market. In June 2011, Google launched its very own Social Media called Google+. Although Google introduced a few unique features such as “Cirlces” and “Hangouts”, most people found it to be no better than Facebook, some even looked at it as a step backwards compared to
Facebook. (1)

Google+ knew that they needed to keep improving on their product and keep listening to customer feedback. One big addition that Google+ made back in November was the addition of Google+ Pages. Google+ Pages allows a business owner to create a business page so that they can interact with their customers on a much easier, virtual basis. “On your page, you can post updates and news about your business, engage in conversations with your customers, send tailored messages to specific groups of people, and see how many +1’s you have across the web.” Says Dennis Troper. (2)

Last week Google released 3 new improvements that have been made to the Google+ Pages in response to customer feedback:

1) Multiple Administrators and Ownership Transfers – This allows Google+ Page owners to give access to up to 50 different people to be able to make edits, add photo’s, etc. This also allows you to transfer ownership of a page to a different person in a few simple clicks.  The benefit of having Multiple Administrators makes it easier for different people in a company to make additions to the page. Before Multiple Administrators, the owner was the only person who could make edits, or the owner would have to give out their log in information.

2) Notifications Settings – This feature allows the user to customize their notification bar to their exact liking. It gives the user the ability to separate their Business Page notifications from their Personal Page notifications. “These new settings allow you to change the email address where page notifications are sent, customize what you’d like to be notified about, and adjust how you’d like to be notified.” Says Michael Nestle (3)

3) Unified +1 & Circle Count –With this change, the bold count that appears on your Google+ Page will now include the number of people that +1’ed your page on the internet, as well as the number of people that you have included into your Circles. Google feels that this will better represent the number of ways people have chosen to recommend and follow your business with Google. (4)

Google+ already has roughly 50 million users and is growing daily. It is strongly recommended that business owners take advantage of these new (and old) Social Media networks on the web because it is free advertising and it allows business owners to interact with customers very easily and on a daily basis.

– Mike Fedotowsky

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