Google is taking some heat recently for an accidentally voicemail left by one of their AdWords Account Managers. The account manager forgot to end his call with the client’s voicemail, when suddenly he noticed the client had recently upgraded to enhanced campaigns without consulting him. The manager went on to curse the client and say things like “Now I gotta pitch call extensions and sitelinks” and he doesn’t care about “those bridge pages or parked domains”. Generally, most people would think this is a stupid mistake that will only upset the client, but this accidental voicemail implies a lot more to all AdWords clients.

This tells me a couple things about Google AdWords and their Account Managers. First, and I think most importantly, Account Managers are paid to up-sell different products to clients, even if it isn’t in the clients best interest. Secondly, the Account Managers have no problems breaking their own rules and guidelines, like where it says “Google AdWords doesn’t allow ads that promote bridge pages.”

Most people who use AdWords are under the impression that the Account Manager is looking out for them and doing what is in their best interests. However, at the end of the day, they are pretty much sales guys looking to drive revenue. Most people who are familiar with AdWord probably already assumed this much, but it’s another thing to hear the actual voicemail left.

My recommendation is to be careful with what the AdWord Account Managers are trying to sell you. Do your own research before paying for it. Or, use an outside party to take care of your AdWords campaign. Boston Web Marketing is a full-service SEO company that will happily manager your AdWords campaign and we receive zero compensation should you want to upgrade your campaign.

By Mike Fedotowsky

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