Google Will Retire Google+ for a More User Focused Platform

In Google’s latest update, we will all be saying goodbye to the classic Google+ that we have all known. Starting January 24, 2017, Google+ will be relaunched with the user in mind. The changes that will happen are due to the requests, suggestions, and needs that users have been asking of Google for some time now. Here is a peek at three new updates to Google+:

Low-Quality Comments
By default, the new Google+ will hide low quality comments. Google has not defined exactly what a low-quality comment is, but we can assume they’re comments that do not contribute to the conversation. If you do wish to see all the comments, you still have the option of making them visible through the settings.

Less White Space
The design of the new Google+ will put more focus on the profile content by making better use of the screen being used. This means less white space, more posts, and bigger photos. Viewing a Google+ profile on desktop, will allow you to zoom in on images.

Google will be bringing back Events in the new Google+, where users will be able to create and join events. The version that will launch on the 24th is far from refined, but Google will be actively working on improving the Events user experience.

These are just a handful of updates that Google will be releasing for Google+ this year. With the help of user feedback, Google+ aims to be “the best place to connect around the things you care about”.

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