Google Will Now Continue to Search Your Query Even If Internet Connection is Poor

Have you tried to search for your nearest restaurant in a foreign country but the connection was so poor that nothing shows up? What about the moment when you lose your connection when you drive through a tunnel? Well, Google has always tried to improve user experience and they are making that experience much better.

As of 2016, there are still many inconsistent areas across the United States for many mobile networks. That means, even if you have a consistent connection when you began your search, it might still fail once you’ve entered a dead zone. Google has announced that the new version of Google search will continue searching until the internet connection improves or returns. Previously, if you were not connected to the internet, Google would not attempt to search. Now, Google will send you a new notification telling the user your search results are ready for viewing after getting back online.

In addition to that, Google has said it does not drain the battery and only impacts data usage minimally. So, next time feel free to make a search on Google even if you have no internet connection.

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