Google Will Begin Recording Calls from Ads for Quality

Google recently announced that some calls placed through advertising may be recorded in order to help combat fraud calls. This will be an extension of the protocol the organization already has in place to fight spam in text ads in order to build trust with advertisers.

What will be recorded?

Not every call placed through a Google call or call extension ad will be recorded, and the full interaction will not be recorded. The current initiative states that only a fraction of calls will be recorded in order to learn more about fraud signals to prevent misuse of the program. Due to the relatively young age of the technology used, there is no concrete model to prevent spam phone calls from occurring. This information will be used to determine commonalities in fraud signals to help prevent the calls from going through in order to build out code blocks in the software.

Will callers know the call is going to be recorded?

The short answer: yes. Before the call is connected, the caller will hear a short message stating that the call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes. If you have a separate recording with a similar message, the caller will also hear that before connecting to your business. Google claims that the likelihood of this happening is low given the sample size of calls that will be recorded. Data pulled from the recordings will be made anonymous before evaluation in order to protect callers. Information collected will not be used to retarget ads towards users searching for a specific service.

How will this affect my advertising?

All call-only and call-extension ads in the United States are eligible for this program, but campaign managers will need to opt-in first. By opting in, you will be able to use every feature available for call ads. However, opting out does not present a feasible option for those who do not want their calls to potentially be recorded, but want to keep using all features. Advertisers who opt-out of the program will not be able to add or edit their existing call ads within their account.

Advertisers using call extensions in their advertising should have received an email notifying them of this new program. In order to change your settings and opt-in to the program, please check Rules and Terms under your Google Ads Account settings.

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