Google Webmaster Tools Enhances Site Error Information

Of course you have Google’s Webmaster Tools installed on your site and maybe sometimes you get an email message telling you about some kind of error, but are you ever really sure what those messages mean?  Help is here.

Google has just made some changes to their Webmaster Tool information that should help you out when you want to decipher those site error messages you receive.  When you are logged into Webmaster’s Tools, you can see the site crawl error results for the past ninety days.  Site errors can be comprised of several issues, so now Google is breaking them down for greater user clarity.  An example of what you can find for a DNS error is illustrated in the graphic below:

And to get further detailed information, hover over the error type for clarification and click: “more info”

Google wants their tools to be accessible and useful, so every webmaster can manage his site effectively.

-Don MacMelville

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