Google Web Stories Offers Repurposable Video Content Platform

Google Web Stories provides an opportunity to repurpose video content in a way that engages users and also leverages search engine optimization, according to a new primer from The Keyword blog. Google has been encouraging the use of the platform which is likely to be a great way to create video content that generates organic search views for businesses.

The blog post from Google itself is pretty self-explanatory: take some time to reformat video content with 1.) a new viewer narrative/angle on older video content that can capture attention , 2.) rewriting a new script or basic storyboard, 3.) and of course editing and publishing the video on the Google My Stories platform. However, Paul Bakus, a lead for the Google Web Creators platform, explains the opportunities that come with publishing video content on this specific medium:

If you run a website, YouTube channel or blog, chances are you’ve produced a video for it. And you can easily reuse that content by converting it into a Web Story, which offers a few key advantages, Bakus said. As a Web Story, your video can be consumed at the viewers’ own pace, page by page, and they can navigate forward and backward. This makes it ideal for content like recipes or other instructional materials. Web Stories are also more flexible than videos because they can include links, quizzes and other interactive elements. In addition, Web Stories may appear in a carousel on Google Discover which can help you reach a new audience.

Businesses that want to expand and scale their content marketing may want to consider creating videos, which is a great way to boost engagement and search presence in and of itself, have another platform to promote branding and organic search engagement.

Google My Stories and WordPress

If you’re looking for an accessible way to create a Google My Stories video for your business, the good news is you can do it right from WordPress! When users install the Google My Stories WordPress integration they can create a new link to their video content and edit their video content, images, etc. all on WordPress.

Once the story is published, it is available on a dedicated link where users can cross-promote it and have it listed on the Google Discover platform. So not only can users create a new video but they can also leverage it for organic search results and have it shown on Google Discover, which has approximately 800 million users.

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