Google Web Stories Integrated into WordPress CMS

Google has announced the launch of a WordPress plugin that integrates Google Web Stories into the WordPress CMS, which runs parallel to other Web Stories enhancements for search engine placement. The new updates allow SEO experts to add more dynamic visual content onto their websites directly.

The new plugin called Web Stories for WordPress allows users to create a visual storytelling medium in the like of SnapChat, Instagram Stories, Facebook stories, and similar mobile-friendly story viz networks. Users can download the plugin and use simple tutorials to host visual campaigns, create content, and promote eye-catching campaigns on Google’s Discover platform. Ambitious content marketers and website admins can learn detailed instructions on how to download a similar MakeStories plugin where users can host WordPress-created visual stories on the platform.

Both platforms are likely to enhance the accessibility for visual-based content that will likely grow into an high-value SEO need for digital marketers.

Paul Bakaus, a lead at Google Web Creators, explained in a recent blog post that the search engine giant is pushing more users to explore stories on both Android and iOS Google Discover apps. The new push includes a revamp to how accessible it is for publishers managing WordPress-hosted sites to create stories on their own domain or at the free-use domain for Google Web Stories.

Content Evolution for 2021 SEO Campaigns

Google’s search engine dominance, in tandem with other efforts to refine and improve user experiences, positions the new story viz upgrades to greatly impact SEO content creation. Traditional written content that targets keyword searches and valuable search behaviors will likely need to be complemented by these visual storytelling types.

Recent statistics indicate that video and high-quality visual marketing content is more likely to capture viewer attention than other mediums by a significant margin. Video content on social media dominates as new video storytelling continues to explode across multiple platforms.

Additionally, users are more likely to click through social campaigns and digital content when video or video-like images are displayed. Well-written content that capitalizes on video and images are also more likely to be indexed by Google since pictures and videos are used more frequently to identify the context of searches. This is due to major algorithmic adjustments on Google, including BERT.

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