Google Warns SEO’s about Search console

Within the past 2 days, Google has announced an upcoming update that is coming for Google Search console. Google has also given out a fair warning to SEO reps, stating they may experience some troubles with numbers, tracking, & term reporting. Updates on Google’s platforms are no big deal, in fact, they happen regularly & most of the time these updates will go undetected for a couple of days or even weeks before we find out. Use our company blog to prepare you for this update!

The Update

We can never be too positive about a Google update, especially one that hasn’t come out yet, however, we do have some information about this update that we know of so far. More data is being collected on every single page than previously in other reports. This is why the traffic in search console may look erratic or seem to go down because of all the new categories & subcategories that are being introduced to Search console. In a more recent concern, SEO reps will need to keep an eye on the numbers to current pages to make sure thee pages do not drop in the rankings.

Why it matters

This update impact organic rankings on the SERPS, which can leave your clients concerned. The best way to combat this update is to wait until the update happens and then target the pages that were hit the worst. This, of course, is basic SEO but by using search console’s update you can target more specific areas on the page. For example, if the new update has a scroll tracking checker, you can target the page that people aren’t scrolling through & add more calls to actions & pictures to get more engagement on the page & hopefully have people scroll more.

Which reports are impacted?

Google has not given specifics for which reports will be affected however, we should assume all reports will be affected to be safe. AMPS, Mobile, Usability & other reports are all under the umbrella of what SEO reps should be wary about. Look for more updates in the following days from Google & you should have nothing to worry about!


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