Google Warning Users of Websites Containing Damaging Downloads

Google has released a new security measure that warns users before they visit a website that contains damaging downloads.  Google will now warn you to stay away from a site that can be harmful to your computer before you click within Google search. In the past Google has warned users of malware before entering to a website this is the first time Google is warning about damaging downloads.

This new security measure will be applied to not only organic search but Adwords listings and Chrome browser. Chrome will display a new warning before visiting a site that encourages unwanted downloads. Google Search is now incorporating signals that identify harmful sites to reduce the chances of visiting the website through search results. Google has also begun to disable ads leading to unwanted downloads.

Site owners are recommended to register their website to Google Webmasters Tools to help them stay informed when there is something on their website that leads to unwanted downloads and provide you with tips to resolve any issues.

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