Google Wants Your Questions for Q&A Video Sessions

Google is interested in bringing back an old video series in which they answer questions from SEO specialists, business owners, or anyone who is interested. These sessions were wildly popular and valuable, helping SEO specialists and business owners better understand how they can improve their SEO performance and increase their Google rankings. This open invitation from Google was announced via Google Webmasters’ Twitter page on October 9.
Historically, the videos have been relatively short and directly address followers’ specific questions and help users better understand and use Google’s algorithms and features. These outreach efforts began under Matt Cutts was the head of webspam and ended when Cutts left Google. Q&A videos were replaced with webmaster hangouts which were open to the public but less accessible, as one would need to be available at the time of the session whereas the videos would allow one to catch up at their leisure.
Though anyone is able to ask any question, Google has made it clear that site-specific questions will not be answered. While Google will address specific questions, the questions they will choose to answer will be applicable for many users. If you have a burning site-specific question, you have the opportunity to ask it on the webmaster help forum.
If you were a fan of Google’s Q&A sessions, be careful not to get too excited, as Google’s wording was careful to point out that this is not an official announcement. Keep a close eye on the latest SEO news so you know when it is an official announcement if Google does decide to bring these video Q&A sessions back!

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