Google vs. Emojis

Back in 2015, Google had banned emoji’s from showing up on organic search result pages, but earlier this year Google announced that they would be allowing emoji’s to show up on SERPS but only for extremely relevant searches. Searching for “emoji” for example will show up with the following results.
Google Emojis
It is clear that emojis do in fact show up within the SERPs but again, only for extremely specific searches. The main reason Google had to ban emojis in 2015 was simply for over usage and overwhelming result pages. Imagine a SERP filled with emojis, it would be quite distracting for users. However, the usage and popularity of emojis today are no secret, and of course, Google understands this.
Emojis will not show up in your everyday search, this is because the idea is still in its early stages and requires a great deal of testing. It is not as simple as crawling text. For example, if there are no emojis in the page’s meta tags, they won’t show up for that search, but how can a site optimize for searches containing emojis? Google must assess the rate of user engagement within the emoji containing query and compare it to text-only queries. Again, much-needed testing before we start to see emojis on everyday search results.
That is why when Twitter user Dan Perach tweeted out a photo of emojis showing as AdWords search terms, it seems hard to believe. If Google hasn’t figured out emojis in relation to organic searches, how can they be taking them to the AdWords market? As we have learned time and again though, never underestimate Google.

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