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Google Updates Publication Knowledge Graphs

Google is rolling out a new card in news publisher knowledge graphs. This is a new measure to allow users to learn more about the publication source and cut down on incorrect information circulating around the web. The card will feature common topics covered by the publication, as well as any awards it has won and third-party reviews.
Google has been attempting new measures against the spread of misinformation for quite some time. The addition of the new card is an opportunity to give users information about publications they may not be entirely familiar with and may want to research before reading their content.
The new measure is not going to affect site rank or search results, and several factors will affect the information that appears in the graph. Many publishers will not have a graph at all, but by adding consistent, fresh content, the chances will increase. The new knowledge graph can appear on any source that writes about topics fact-checked by a third party. Publishers are not allowed to opt-out of the knowledge graph feature. The tabs available may vary based on the amount of information available about the publication, and Google cannot directly control the information that appears, or if the new cad appears at all.

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