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Google Updates Mobile Shopping

Google is adding information to their mobile shopping experience and search results gearing up for the holiday season. They will begin showing full product buying guides for broad product topics as well as adding product-related information for relevant searches. Ad images will be displayed more prominent as well.
When you search for a specific product, not only does google show you that product, but also related products, or similar products. Google also gives you the ability to compare prices and reviews between similar products to better gauge which product is right for you. Google will also be giving advertisers the ability to show customers their online inventory. Google has added a new feature for tech products, the search results will show users newer, more updated products. Or they can choose between updated versions.

Shoppers Have More Information

Google’s redesigned mobile shopping experience allows the users to have access to more product information. The quick view feature in google shopping lets users see comprehensive product information. This update compliments the recent knowledge panel updates that show product photos, videos, and more information instantly.
Google announced that black Friday related searches have increased by 80 percent over the past two years! Google also says it begins seeing “generic, non-branded” searches outpacing branded queries attached to Black Friday-related searches early in November. Then, once Black Friday creeps closer, we see searches switch to more branded content.

Mobile Shopping

Google said they see mobile purchases increase 40 percent during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday weekend. This indicates why an update for their mobile shopping experience was necessary.The online shopping trend is heading in a mobile direction. Google’s mobile shopping update comes just in time for the holiday season where they are sure to see a rising number of online mobile transactions.
The updated version of this product simply put, gives users more power over the product information they see. Consumers can see more product information, view the dense knowledge panel, compare reviews and prices in an instant, and make a more informed purchase.

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