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On February 3, 2012 Google once again released their monthly “search quality highlights report.”  Their blog notes that there are 17 different changes made to their algorithm. Here is a brief summary of the algorithm changes that are most important to your business’ seo.

Fresher Results – Google has made additional adjustments to their freshness update that was first released in November. This means that sites which are updated more frequently and provide relevant information are more likely to appear higher in search engine results placement

High quality site algorithm improvements – Almost everyone in the SEO world is aware of Google’s Panda update. In January they improved how Panda interacts and with indexing and ranking systems. They also released a minor update deemed Panda 3.2

Improved Image search quality – Improvements in their image search helps images with high quality landing pages rank higher. It is now even more important to optimize your images on your website, especially with pages that are updated frequently and rank well.

By Jeffrey Pucko

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