Google Update: Images with Captions

Google has been receiving a lot of heat from users for removing the “view images” feature. However, Google announced a new update to improve mobile user experience by adding more context around images, which will make results much more useful.

According to Google’s blog post:

“This extra piece of information gives you more context so you can easily find out what the image is about and whether the website would contain more relevant content for your needs. In this example, the image results give you visual confirmation that you found the right fruit, but captions make results instantly more useful with additional context. For instance, you can learn that this fruit is called carambola or starfruit and that it’s popular in China. This also helps you choose the result page to click and explore further.”

Google Update: Images with Captions

We also checked it out:

Google Update: Image with Captions

Adding more context to the images will help mobile users gain more information than they did before. Last year we saw badges (like “recipe” or “product”) to help us understand which category each image falls into. Now, we can see the website’s domain URL for each result which will certainly improve our usability to get the results that we are looking for. Keep in mind, Google also released its first mobile index earlier this year, which means alt text has become increasingly important as Google places a relatively high value on the image that contains a focus keyword.

The new update with image captions is expected to roll out this week on the Google app on both the Android and iOS platform, but also on mobile browsers.

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