Google Transparency for False DMCA Takedown Requests

The DMCA is an Google program formed to help monitor the internet for websites that may be plagiarizing content, images, videos or other digital information. This program allows users to report violations they find online. The system stands to help those who have been a victim of internet fraud to report those responsible and request action on their behalf.

Until recently Google has been tight lipped about which requests were processed and which were ignored. This led people to wonder how Google handled spam requests that may have been filed by competitors. This week Google started to share more information on requests made to the DMCA. Now we have data on which URLs were removed DMCA resultsand which were ignored. This information is sorted on a per request basis and while Google is not sharing the overall history of the program you can now find information on each individual request.  Within each request you can view the total number of URLs requested and see which URLs were removed and which were ignored. Specifically if you continue down the page in each request you can see a break down of the URLs with actions taken.

This is a big step forward for Google with transparency. It is important for sites to know how each request is processed and know what actions were taken against them for DMCA violations. This will better help the Google community know how to avoid these issues and also how to fix potential problems on their site.

By Matt Wilkos

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