Google Toolbar PageRank Goes Dark

Google announced last month that they would be removing the 1-10 PageRank scores from the Google toolbar feeds. This past weekend, Google has finally eliminated the PageRank data from their Toolbar and any other tools that try to recognize the scores.  Dozens of people on the web were confused with this update and asked why their PageRank was gone. PageRank still exists but the Toolbar version is gone forever. It has been years since Google has made any changes on PageRank scores in the Toolbar and they have been trying to lessen the importance of PageRank in the past.  Google officially removed the 1 to 10 scores from their Toolbar feed and will go dark in the next few weeks. Now only Google will know the actual PageRank score for a page but the score alone isn’t the only factor that determines if a page ranks well. For more information on PageRank or how to improve your rankings, check out our other blog posts. 

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