Google to Shut Down Unverified Google+ Pages Week of July 27th

G0ogle will begin shutting down unverified or unresponsive Google+ Local pages starting next week on July 28th. Google recommends to verify your Google+ Local pages as soon as possible to prevent your business from being removed from Google Local results.

This clean-up will be helpful to business with unverified duplicate Google+ Local pages that they have not been able to remove. Here is an excerpt from the official word from the Google+ Local team:

In the past few months, you may have seen some changes in the look of Google+ pages that have been associated with Google My Business (GMB) accounts. These changes, including how we treat business pages without owners, are part of Google’s ongoing effort to simplify people’s experience with our tools. We are constantly working to provide only valuable and rich content to our users.

On July 28, Google will begin shutting down those GMB-associated Google+ pages that have not been associated with user accounts and are also not verified.

This is part of a long overdue house cleaning of unverified and duplicated Google+ or Google My Business pages.

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